I started following the meal plan not only because I was overweight but I also had different health issues. I was constantly feeling lousy and exhausted, even a few stairs were hard to take. A visit to my doctor was like a cold shower - at only 26 years my body was biologically as an old person’s body. 

We started following the meal plan together with my wife. I think this was the main reason for success - it’s always easier to do things together, to have that support and understanding. We cooked the same meals, we planned our menu together and we were there for each other when the other one was struggling. 

The thing I like most about Fitlap meal plan is that there is nothing missing. The amount of recipes they have and the option to swap ingredients - there is no need to waste food. The app makes it even easier to follow. 

You might think weight loss is just about weight but most of the benefits that came are about my mental health and my confidence. I suddenly had more energy, back and hips were not in pain anymore so I could enjoy different activities again. 

My suggestion to others? Take charge! Don’t let your cravings and emotions get to you. Talk about them, accept them but don’t let them define you. Find a good balance between healthy eating and sports and at the same time take time to enjoy life as it is. If you ever wonder to try or not, definitely try. There’s nothing to lose besides weight.