I started with Fitlap meal plan at 119 kg. I was watching different weight loss shows on TV and set myself a certain date when I start it myself. At first it was difficult but I followed the plan 100% for the first 4 months, I’m still so proud of that. During that time I lost almost 30kg already. 

The thing I like most about this meal plan is that I can eat everything I want. I didn’t have to quit bread or potatoes as many dietitians suggest, it’s all about the balance.

After losing all that extra weight I have more faith in myself, I know I have the power to do much more. I feel more confident and more beautiful. 

I don’t really have any specific tricks to share. It’s mostly about pulling yourself together and starting. Every new beginning is hard but the minute you start noticing your own weight loss and feel the extra energy, all this extra motivation appears as well.