TOP10 most addictive foods

TOP10 most addictive foods

Did you ever wake up in the morning with a clear goal in mind that today is the day you will not give in to any temptation? Whatever the day throws to your way – a bowl of cookies, a pizza fresh from the oven or a creamy-dreamy cheesecake – you will stick to your decision and say „No“. But as the evening approaches, then somehow you have still managed to eat all of those foods and even a few things extra….

If that´s the case, you have fallen for some of the most addictive foods in the world. The amount of sugar and fat in these meals manage to twist you around their little finger that it takes more strength to get out of this circle than Arnold Schwarzenegger had on his best days.

Today we share the list of most addictive foods, which we recommend to avoid. Each item has the „addiction score“ brought out, that scientists have found out during their studies.

1.Pizza (addiction score 4.01)

Who wouldn´t like pizza? The combination of cheese, oil and a crispy dough is pretty much impossible to say no to. A regular pizza gives you so much energy that is enough for a whole day.

Tip: Instead of pizza, choose an omelette instead. Eggs provide you with high-quality protein and fats and will keep you feeling full for a long time.

2. Chocolate (addiction score 3.73)

Today chocolate is sometimes considered to be a healthy food. Which is true, because it contains antioxidants. What´s the problem with chocolate, is the amount and the fact that usually the overly sweet milk chocolates are chosen. “Perfect” combination of addictive processed fats and carbs. If you really can´t survive without chocolate then prefer dark chocolate containing at least 70%, better yet 80% of cacao.

Tip: Instead of chocolate eat blueberries. These little nuggets are full of antioxidants and help to guide your cravings to healthier direction.

3. Chips (addiction score 3.73)

As you can see the chips have a tie with chocolate. Chips are the dream food of every dedicated snacker – they influence the blood sugar and are full of fat. Chips never make you feel full. You just eat, eat some more, and then continue eating. An experiment conducted on rats has proved that the chips will be eaten after you feel full already. Just because it´s enjoyable.

Tip: Instead of chips eat almonds. They are high in fibre, don´t contain any carbs and are full of good fats and protein. But even these should be enjoyed in reasonable amounts.

4. Cookies (addiction score 3.71)

A study from 2013 compared how the brain of a rat reacted to cocaine, morphine and Oreo cookies. You can only guess which reaction was the strongest. Of course, it was the cookies. The media buzzed for a while about sugar being more addictive than cocaine.

No need to make these conclusions in favour of cocaine, but it is very true that sugar is highly addictive. Especially when consumed in a combination with fat.

Tip: Instead of enjoying cookies, enjoy a refreshing smoothie made of banana, milk and peanut butter.

5. Ice cream (addiction score 3.68)

Ice cream is very difficult to say no to. Especially on a hot summer day. The combination of creaminess, sweetness and cold makes it irresistible. The sad news is that a litre of this deliciousness contains around 1900 kcal, which in case you are a woman trying to lose weight, is more than a recommended amount of calories for a whole day.

Tip: Instead of ice cream mix together fresh strawberries and natural yoghurt. You can also freeze it to an ice cold goodness.

6. Fries (addiction score 3.60)

Potatoes itself are actually a very good choice while trying to lose weight. But French fries cooked in oil and sprinkled with a ton of salt are pretty much a guaranteed route to gaining weight. They are packed of calories – the large portion contains around 510 kcal, which is around 1/3 of calories needed by an average woman.

Tip: Instead of French fries bake the potatoes in the oven. Also, give a chance to sweet potatoes, I promise you will not regret it!

7. Cheeseburger (addiction score 3.51)

Classical cheeseburger in all its glory is the perfect food for anybody looking for a way to gain weight. Fast carbs, plenty of fat and salt just scream of obesity.

Tip: Instead of falling for fast food chains cook your own burger. Use the wholegrain bun, a patty made out of ground meat and add plenty of greens. We have a healthy burger recipe in our plan too.

8. Soft drinks (addiction score 3.29)

It´s not a surprise that soft drinks (including all kinds of sweetened drinks) are bad for you. I just don´t understand people who think it´s a good idea to drink a glass of coke or sugary juice next to every meal. Soft drinks are associated with a wide range of serious health problems from heart disease to obesity and diabetes.

Tip: Just drink water instead of soft drinks. If you wish you can flavour it with lemon, cucumber, orange and fresh herbs.

9. Cakes (addiction score 3.26)

How is it possible not to enjoy cakes? They are delicious! At the same time, they are really unhealthy. The combination of flour, sugar and fat will make sure that you won’t stop eating before there is nothing left anymore.  Sad thing is that you won´t feel full for long because the energy from flour and sugar will vanish from your system quickly and you will feel even hungrier very soon. Just get out of this vicious circle now!

Tip: Instead of store-bought cake, bake one yourself using whole, healthy ingredients. Like for example in this banana bread.

10. Cheese (addiction score 3.22)

Cheese, exactly like potatoes, is actually suitable food to be consumed in reasonable amounts while losing weight. It doesn´t contain a lot of carbs and is full of protein and fat. There are two problems with cheese. It is rarely eaten plain and usually, it´s eaten in way too big amounts. Enjoying bread, cookies, fruits and jams next to cheese, it will result in a huge amount of calories.

Just eat it in a reasonable amount. One of our clients’ favourite snack is cheese with a fruit. It is quick, simple to take with you wherever you go, has a perfect balance of nutrients and is just a perfect snack. But please check the correct amounts from your personal nutrition plan.

Tip: If you wish you can substitute the cheese with avocado, which contains a ton of antioxidants and good fats. The studies have shown that avocado helps to reduce hunger and burn fat.

As you can see – all “old classics” are represented in TOP10. Congratulations to pizza for taking first place in the race.

Avoiding addictive foods doesn´t have to mean giving up your favourites. Just use our recipes to cook healthier options at home yourself. After a while of eating healthy, your body will be reprogrammed so you won´t even crave these unhealthy food items anymore. Believe me!

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