TOP 5 New Years resolutions

Do you know what are the most popular New Year´s resolutions? We do and here is the complete list of 5 most popular promises made right before the fireworks start in the midnight.

5th place – To spend more time with family

Probably even a tiny bit weird reading this from the blog written by a nutritionist. But actually, the people close to us play a big part in weightloss and healthy lifestyle. Being supported by family is important. Especially when changing your eating habits towards healthier ones – if other family members are not supportive or maybe are even negative about it, it is really demotivating.
Our recommendation – do not push healthy food on your family. Just make little changes in the meals you all eat together – this way they might not even realize they are eating better food.

4th place – To spend less and save more

Most of us probably need to keep a close eye on the family budget. There is never enough money and saving up seems to be impossible. Everything around us is getting more expensive every day. It is not difficult to save on luxury goods, but if something is certain in this world then this is that we do need to eat.
Healthy food might seem expensive at first, but actually, it is not that difficult to eat healthily and save money at the same time. Healthy food doesn´t need to mean fancy on-trend superfoods. Just add more vegetables to your daily meals and cook from scratch and it probably means that you are eating better already.

3rd place – To enjoy life to the fullest

Well – this is all pretty much in your own hands, right? Just stop worrying about the little things and start doing more of what you really love. Is watching the new episode of a random TV show your idea of a good time? If yes – go for it. If no, then figure out what would you rather do and just do it! Learn something new, call a friend, go for a spin class or a walk – completely up to you!

2nd place – To lose weight

Probably it´s not a surprise that the promise to lose weight is on a high position in this Top5. Our statistics show that ca 90% of people join us because they wish to lose weight. But how to get out of the endless circle of promising the same thing to yourself every year?
The first step is to change your eating habits. But that alone is probably not enough. You need to change your whole mindset. Forget the constant excuses and always starting “tomorrow”. Of course, the change can be difficult in the beginning.
If you change your mindset then at one point thinking about if you have everything you need for breakfast or is this or that healthy becomes unnecessary because you do good choices based on instincts. The thought of having a random hot-dog or fast food pizza doesn´t attract you anymore. We promise!

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1st place - To get fit and live a healthy life!

Our recommendation about living a healthy life – being healthy is not a sprint, it´s a marathon.
You might lose weight at some point, but keeping it off for good requires a healthy lifestyle. But living a healthy life is definitely more fulfilling and joyful and totally worth changing your habits.

Let us know in the comments what are your New Years resolutions this year!

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