69 kg beforeresult 56 kg

I started using Fitlap because I didnt feel comfortable in my body anymore. A friend of mine had lost more than 10kg in just 8 months so it really motivated me to try Fitlap as well.

It seemed so complicated at first: weighing the food and ingredients but I didn't give up and made sure I learnt the basics. Now, half a year later, it all feels so natural and easy and all this weighing makes a lot of sense. I like the fact we have so many different choices here, so many recipes to choose from and my whole family appreciates healthy and balanced home-cooked meals.

Sometimes people make fun of me at birthday parties, saying I'm on a diet and should not eat cake. My answer to this is simple: I'm not on a diet, this is my way of life and I enjoy every single moment of it!

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