I figured I will show you my small change. With past 4 months or so I have managed to lose 49 lb/ 22,3 kg! I still plan to lose about 22-33 lb 10-15 kg. I am actually quite embarrassed to even show the first picture to anyone. It was taken 8,5 months after I had a baby. I started gaining weight after I had my first bay and even more so after I had the second one. I just didn´t have any time to eat throughout the day and in the evenings I didn´t choose at all what I was eating - I just ate everything and not in small amounts... and so I gained extra weight.

In February I decided I cannot continue like that anymore! By the way - in addition to losing all this extra weight I also sleep a lot better. Previously I was so tired all the time but now I feel fresh and rested after sleeping 6-8 hours!

Thank you Fitlap!


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