I have been with Fitlap for 3 months now and I have really enjoyed it. I didn't believe it was possible to lose weight while still eating really delicious food 4 times every day, but it is with Fitlap!

3 months ago I was 160 lb/72,6 kg and I have been able to bring it down to 136 lb/62 kg, all thanks to eating these delicious recipes and exercising. This means I have lost 22 lb/ 10 kg.

Just a little more to go to reach my goal and I am sure I will get there!

Thank you so much for all these wonderful recipes and tips. The healthy lifestyle has changed my habits completely and I am much more active now.  I have slipped and eaten something unhealthy  occasionally but I have felt uncomfortable with myself later so it is quite easy to stay on track.

Thank you!

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