I have been using Fitlap for almost 6 months now and it´s time to share my results with you.

I started in August 2016 with 166 lb/75,5 kg. At that point, I had realised I don´t feel good in my body anymore and it is time to do something about it. A couple of first months I was able to lose so much weight it really surprised myself. During the Christmas time it was a tiny bit more difficult to keep on track but by now I am back on the rails and ready to shed a little bit more of my extra weight. Today I weigh 136 lb/ 62 kg.

Even recently I didn´t think this number would ever be possible for me, because for years I was around 147 lb/67 kg and totally unable to lose anything at all, even though I was regularly working out. So I found out it´s true - if you don´t eat correctly then no matter how hard you kill yourself with workouts, you cannot lose weight.

Thanks to amazing Fitlap I was able to do this. Thank you all so much!


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